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Philly Entrepreneur Offers McDonald's employees higher-paying jobs on the spot

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Article from The Grio by Stephanie Guerilis. Click on image to read more.

Saudia Shuler, an entrepreneur and restaurant owner in Philadelphia (Country Cookin), is well known in her community for being a stand out woman in her community. Once again, she has proven that she has a big heart for the people around her by offering a higher paying opportunity for two young ladies previously working at their neighborhood McDonald's. As Saudia was aboout to pick up her food from the drive-thru, she made a respectable and honorable offer to one of the two girls to make more money.

At first, this may sound sketchy. Who just asks a person from the inside of a car if they want to make more money, but Saudia's intentions were pure and clear. She needed some new workers, and she proposed that the girls work for her for 50% more than what they made. Wait till you hear what they were making in her video (click image above). Being able to grant opportunities to people who can truly benefit from it, especially as a Black woman, is true wave maker material! Saudia Shuler is an example of a person uplifting people around her through her actions.

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