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Legendary Civil Rights Leader and Congressman John Lewis has Passed

USA Today article by Catalina Camia. Click on image to read more.

Today, we mourn and acknowledge the fulfilling life of John Lewis, for he passed away due to his battle with Pancreatic Cancer. John Lewis was nothing short of a leader since his youth. An Alabama born individual, Lewis was inspired by the work of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks in the Civil Rights Movement.

He confidently and courageously held positions in office and fought against racial injustices by focusing on voting rights. The March on Washington was one of the first major events he was an organizer for, and that momentous event led to the rights to voting for Black people two years later.

John Lewis showed how unwavering his belief in fighting for his people was by continuing to be active after nearly losing his life during what was known as "Bloody Sunday". His ability to seek progress toward a better tomorrow for American lives was strong during his time in office, especially when he led a sit on the House floor after the Pulse shooting in Florida.

Lewis was respected by many, including President Obama, which led to him earning the revered Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011. John Lewis strived for changed for several decades, and his work was not in vain. There is so much more to his life, and the USA Today article linked to the image above will tell you more about John Lewis' outstanding time on earth.

John Lewis receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Photo taken by: Alex Wong

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